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Duyminhjsc supplies ethanol 96% min made from molasses with food grade which is suitable for cosmetics, medicine manufacture and biology technology.

Product code: LSDM03

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Product Description


  1. Quality LSDM03

    No Test Items Unit Specifications Test methods
    1 Alcohol strength @ 20deg. C %v/v Min 96 Alcoholmeter for GL
    2 Ester (ethyl acetate ) ppm Max 20 GLC
    3 Aldehyde (as acetal aldehyde) ppm Max 10 GLC
    4 Acetic acid ppm Max 10 GLC
    5 Methanol ppm Max 60 GLC
    6 Total higher alcohols ppm Max 250 GLC
    7 Fuse oil ppm Max 50 AOAC 950.05-05
    8 Appearance Clear & bright Visual

Note: Ethanol with above quality will be denatured with  other chemicals depending requirement of customers

  1. Usage

Duyminhjsc supplies ethanol 96% min made from molasses with food grade which is suitable for cosmetic, medicine manufacture and biology technology.

  1. Capacity

700 MT per month equivalent with875,000 liters per month

  1. Manufacture process

       Definition of molasses

Molasses is a residue from sugar refining. When cane or beet sugar is produced it leaves behind a thick, treacle brown gluey liquid that has many uses. Made up of sugar, water, mineral salts and nitrogenous substances molasses is sold as black treacle when it is from cane sugar and can be used in many types of baking and cooking.

        Manufacture process

Sugar canes are completely grilled,filtered and poured into boilers together with distilled water. The temperature increases to boil them into “cooked rice”. Saccharification begins then when the temperature has decreased. After a few hours, the saccharificated fluid is transferred to the system of fermentation tanks, which operate all day and night. In these tanks, the saccharificated fluid is completely fermented into so-called “ripe wine vinegar” which is distilled in toweled patent-still.The outcome is standard purified alcohol.

  1. Package:

Packaging details :In  Isotank 24,000L/ container( brand new 200L steel drum/ 220L HDPE plastic drum), in bulk

  1. Delivery:

Delivery detail:  7-15 days after receipt LC or TT

  1. Contact:

For the best Quotation, please contact us with information as follows

Director: Ms. Ngo Huyen Trang ( Jenifer Ngo)
Tel/whatsapp/ viber/zalo: + 84 904 247 480
Email: jenifer@duyminhjsc.com.vn
Skype: ngohuyentranghere

Sale excutive: Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa ( Rose Nguyen)
Tel/whatsapp/ viber/zalo: + 84 902117022
Email: sale2@duyminhjsc.com.vn
Skype: sale2duyminhjsc

Sale excutive: Ms. Vu Thi Thuy Linh ( Anna Vu)
Tel/whatsapp/ viber/zalo: + 84 902139322
Email: sale3@duyminhjsc.com.vn
Skype: sale3duyminhjsc


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