In 2015, according to Vietnam Industry Research and Consultant (VIRAC) estimation, Pharmaceutical industry value is expected to reach US$4.2bn. Although pharmaceutical spending per capita in 2015, according to VIRAC’s estimation, is US$38. The growth of the prescription drug market will exceed the growth rate of Over-the-counter (OTC) market.
The market value of patented drugs in Vietnam tends to increase gradually. Pharmaceutical imports in 2015 reached US$2.3bn, mainly from France (US$275m) and India US$267m).

With 178 drug manufacturers, Vietnam pharmaceutical products mostly focus on simple dosage forms and generic form with lower values and overlapping, and completely lack effective drugs with complicated preparation. On the other hand, there are a huge number of companies in generic drugs market, which is very small, then leading to decrease in profits. Vietnam Pharmaceutical industry uses about 60,000 tons of medicines, of which about 80-90% is imported. The ratio of research & development expense to revenue at domestic companies is just about 5%.

This is the reason why Vietnam is a huge potential business chances for worldwide manufacturers to put on step in 96 million young population market. This is here we are to help you to make such step easier and more efficient


For more than 10 years exporting ethanol to pharmaceutical clients in 20 countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Israel, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Philippines, we understand business cultures of each client as well as what they need and expect to do business in Vietnam.

 Also having more than 10 years in doing import activities in Vietnam, we know customs, rules and regulation PRACTICALLY AND STREET SMART.

We also have a list of buyers wanting medicine worldwide. We know what they want, how they negotiate, how they make decision.

That is the reason why DUYMINHJSC is doing the service as REPRESENTATIVE for PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURERS.

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Ignore  a long and pain-staking process to establish a company to directly distribute its products which is applied for top ranking pharmaceutical groups, we can assist you to choose a quicker and more efficient way to find Vietnamese companies as your buyers who will distribute your products with their exist channels.

We are entirely independent of other services providers. We are not freight forwarders or brokers and do not accept commissions for your freight business. While we have experience with a number of freight professionals over many years we are just as happy to work with your preferred freight professional — but we will insist on their service levels being high. Whichever way we work for you, we will always be working in your best interests.

We can find several buyers at the same time. Clients will open LC and transfer money directly to you so that you always control the market and follow rhythm of business changes. We are your eyes, your people, and your representative in Vietnam to help you communicate with clients with their Vietnamese language, their business cultures. We make the gap disappears.

Please contact us; cellphone/viber/whatsapp/wechat +84 904 247 480, We’re ready to listen and help you to save TIME AND MONEY.

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